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Fate The Destroyer Member Name: Fatethedestroyer Member ID: 000057
Caucasian / White, 29, Single - Never Married Highland Heights, Kentucky, United States

Personal Details
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Single - Never Married
Children: 0
Religion: New Age
Drinking: Non-alcoholic beverages only
Smoking: Never
Food: Chinese
Occupation: Other
Education: High school
Languages: English (Fluent)
Spanish (Some)
Interests: Travel / Sightseeing
Singing / Playing Instrument
Music - Rock
Music - Dance / Electronic
Music - Alternative
Museums / Galleries
Movies / Cinema
Literature / History
Computers / Internet
Astrology / New Age
Arts / Crafts
Water Sports
Yoga / Meditation
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Body Type: A little extra
Height: 5'02" - (157 cm)

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Last activity: offline

General Information
I'm eccentric, a tad bit mentally unstable, one half
brilliant, and less than sane... But you don't know that,
yet. Aye, my name is whatever you want. I've so many
nicknames it's not even funny, anymore. The name I go by
frequently, however, is Fate. Just Fate. If you want my real
name, you'll have to ask and I may or may not give it to
you. Curazy-nesssss: I'm actually really nice, once
you get to know me. I'm probably the craziest, most hyper
person you'll ever come in contact with. I'm just a bundle
of craziness. The type to randomly start doing "The Hussle"
in the middle of a mall.. Yes, I know what The Hussle is. My
brain lives in the past. I like to go out and do random
things. I do get bored easily, so If you ever hang out with
me, be prepared to do random things at any random moment...
Like running up and down the stairs. I did it with my
friend, once.. well.. forced her, anyway.. Vury Surius
businuss. >:3 : To be quite blunt; I write, a lot. I'm
always writing something but for some reason I never really
finish it. It's rare when I do, but there will be times when
I do. Usually, the only thing that I write, anymore, and
finish all the way through is poetry, which I write a lot
of. Early on in my life I hated humanity. I believed that
we would never ammount to anything of good use, and, at
times, I still feel that way about the human race.
Sometimes, more than others, we seem like a race not worth
saving. We do so much to harm one another, and for what?
Rights of land? Glory? Pride? It's complete
rubbish. Contrary to popular belief of it being a joke, I
really do read the dictionary. I know, I'm weird, but I do
actually read the dictionary. I like reading, I like
learning, both, pretty much, tie into eachother! So,
yes. Yes, on the subject of learning, reading, and
writing, I must tell you something; I'm extremely hell-bent
on one using grammar, or at least attempting. If you come to
me "tlkn lyk dis", then I will reply, but I will still be
very aggitated and probably won't speak to you often. If
that's so, please consider spelling things right. I know
you're not too busy to type out the word "To" every now and
then. If you're going to speak to me, please write
something other than "Hey baby." Or "Sup?" That's not a
formal greeting. I at least would like more than two words a
sentence, if that's not too much to ask. Please, and thank
you. I'm a video gamer. Be it Genesis to x-box 360. I
play them all. I like Sonic, yes, but I also like other
games that have to do with Sega and what not, haha. I love
video games, but I really don't allow it to rule my life. I
highly dislike when people do that because it's utterly
pointless. So, if you want to know any more, please tell
me such. I will listen to anything you wish to tell me. Just
drop me a line and tell me "Hello!" or something. (:
My hair is dark brown, it's long. I'm a little chubby, but
not fat. haha. I've got brown eyes, I have full lips, I'm a
little on the short side.. I'm 5'2.. I have pale skin..
uh... what really is there more to tell about the way I
look? haha

Looking for
Basically I'm looking for someone I can get along with.
Someone I can joke with, be myself around. Maybe they like
the same things I like? Haha. I'm a cuddle type of person,
I'm also a romantic. I also will tell you that I am a bit of
a tomboy. Haha, I guess some would call that butch? But I do
have a bit of a girly side, every now and then. Anywho,
enough about myself. But what I mean by that is I also want
someone who's cuddly and likes Romance. Maybe someone who's
also a tomboy? IF not, girly is good too. :)
Gender: Female
Age From: 18
Age To: 24

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